a little blog game i play sometimes…

sometimes i play this game.  a blog game.   it is the “random” way i find you.  it has been my way of stepping a little bit into this blog world.   maybe you play this game too?

it’s wild.  some of you have soooooooooooooooooooo many likes after your posts.  this used to make me jealous.  to be honest i started playing this game so more people would like my posts.  and it has started happening.  a bit.  there are a few people pushing the like button.

i thought i would play this game here.  so you could play along.  i start with one blog.  i read some posts.  and then i find the little pictures of the folks who have liked a particular post.  and i choose one at random.  sometimes the person has a blog.  sometimes they don’t.  if they have a blog i read some of their posts.  and again find the folks who liked it.  and choose a random picture.  if the person doesn’t have a blog.  i go back and find someone who does.  i do this until i get tired.  along the way i like posts.  adding my photo to the line.

so here goes.  i’m starting with someone who has liked my blog recently.


the chocolate brownies look awesome.  awesome!  from bridgitte’s blog i find:


i am still checking out chocolate.  this time chocolate cake!  and then i find:


and the first thing i see is a raw chocolate recipe.  this is crazy.  totally “random”.  the photos are gorgeous.  and then i find:


let’s see if he has anything about chocolate?  there must be.  but the first post i see is about farmer’s markets.  and the photos are beyond incredible.  i am really having fun now.  on to the next blog.  who else liked this?  jackie sowrey.  but i don’t see their blog.  so back i go to:


i love chocolate and farmer’s markets (i just recently stopped having a booth at one here in guelph) and i love horses.  and what do i find on this blog.  horses.  too bad my girls are away.  they would love looking at these photos!  the girls and i are a bit obsessed with horses these days.  they take lessons.  and i’m looking for someone to teach my western riding in exchange for private yoga classes.  i will read them about the wild mustangs in nevada when they return tomorrow.  from here i find humanity777 but i don’t see a blog link.  so i go back…


i cannot read this language.  i’m not sure what language it is.  something about natural medicine.  can anyone translate for me?  from here i find:


woah.  super sensual photos of flowers.  just stunning.  and then i’ll do one or two more….sometimes i find it hard to stop!


i can read a little spanish.  so this is fun.  and a challenge!

i wonder how to let people know i link to their blog?  any ideas?

i hope you enjoyed my game.  i hope it brings you some delight!

much love from guelph, ontario, canada!




14 thoughts on “a little blog game i play sometimes…

  1. That is a fun way to get around for sure… I’m not saying I have the most likes, and not all my posts please people, but I honestly think that you have to network. I comment on people’s blog, I reply to the comments people leave on my blog, I check out the blogs of people that follow my blog… etc. It,s a lot of work at first, but once you create a network, more people fin you. 🙂

    Good luck!

    1. thanks yanic!

      i will do more of what you suggest! sometimes i find it hard just to make food and get the laundry done though. so extra blogging doesn’t always happen! but i think you are right. more networking it needed.

      and i’ll keep playing my little game. cause i find the wildest people that way.

      want to share with me some of your favorite blogs?

      1. Oh no!!! I just spent 10 minutes on a comment that had an error when I tried posting… yikes! Okay, short version. LOL! : I read a LOT of blogs. It is my guilty little pleasure early in the morning with my cup of coffee when my daughter is at preschool and my son is napping. But the reality is, not all blogs turn into networking. The blogs I prefer the most are the ones that turn into a conversation. I started blogging to join a community of like-minded people and although I don’t limit myself to the ones where authors take the time to respond to questions and comments an such, I do tend to visit those first. So here is a short (I have too many to really list all here) list of some I visit almost everyday :


        Wow… that seems like a lot… But I use a site called Bloglovin’ to have them all in one place. You should check them out! 🙂

        Hope I didn’t take up to much of your time. I’m no expert. I’m still kind of amazed that I have steady followers. But I do, and I’ve been told by many of them that it,s because I take the time : Time to respond when they comment, time to comment on their things… So it’s what I try to do! 🙂

  2. Oh, forgot about your question : If you have linked a WordPress blog, they get an alert… but for blogs that aren’t WordPress ones, the best thing to do is to invite them to check out your blog by linking your post on their blog. That is what I would do! 🙂

    Good luck…

  3. I love this! So cute, and thank you for visiting my blog! Now I can visit Yanic’s other suggestions! I am honored I am one of hers. I too used to struggle with not getting any likes, but now I feel a little more confident.

    1. thanks! it is so awesome to visit everyone’s blog. i love finding blogs in a random way, but it is also super fun to find other people’s suggestions. can you tell me some of your favorite blogs?

  4. Hello there! Looks like you found me through Yanic. So nice to meet you. And you are from Ontario…yay!!! We are on the other side of Toronto in the Kawartha Lakes area. Love the little game you play to find blogs. I did a lot of that in the beginning, and still do a bit, but not nearly as much, especially in the summer. I just want to be outside 🙂

    Have a wonderful weekend.

    1. hi kim!

      so nice to meet you! awesome that you are in ontario too! i don’t spent too much time on blogging. i try to write one a month and even that is tough! even when it’s not nice outside! but i do enjoy it. and i love checking out other folks blogs. do you have some favorites to share with me?

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