begin. again. and again.

oh boy.

oh boy.  oh boy.

twelve months have almost passed since i last wrote.

twelve months.

these past months i have done many things other than write.  many things.  lots of dishes.  laundry.  vacuuming.  (what a weird word that is.)  i have done lots of crying and lots of healing.  thanks to plant spirit medicine i have shed some of what i do not need.  i have experienced lots of loving.  i have watched my children continue to grow.  boom.  my oldest daughter has bigger feet than me.  boom.  both my children are in school all day.

i have experienced a lot of kissing these last twelve months.   more kissing than vacuuming.  which means there was a lot a lot of kissing going on (cause i really like vacuuming).  lots of exquisite kissing.  i have thought that maybe i should just post two pairs of lips touching so you would know where i was.  but really that wouldn’t have done justice to the complexity of my  year (or my days).  you might think it was all roses.  or dahlias.  or cosmos.  or green juice.  or striped yoga pants.  or you might think that i was only having the most incredible orgasms i have ever had.  (i think i will write a whole post about that soon!)  you might even think my year was spent lying on a beach in a bikini.  but that just wouldn’t be true.

this year has been about beginning again.  which is another way of saying that i have been learning to trust.  i have been letting a man love me.  sometimes this has been so easy and sometimes it has been so damn hard.  i have been letting myself really love him.  this too has been both sweet and simple and excruciating.  beginning again is another way of saying that i’m teaching my heart to become un-broken.  or maybe i’m not the teacher here.  perhaps the plant spirits, my children, and my new partner are my great teachers.

perhaps i am “writing” a new story.  my love story.  and maybe i don’t need to write it alone.  maybe i’m learning that we write together.  or as my partner might say:  “what are we going to dream into being?”  what are we going to co-create?

i’m not sure what has stopped me from writing here.  if i have time to scroll facebook….. i have time to write.

i decided to begin again.  right now.  i am grateful that i can.

can you almost see me press the publish button?  just after you watch me spell check!

and after i find that photo i wanted to show you!

P1020035love and new beginnings chantalle xo


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day retreat by the river, fergus ontario

day retreat by the river, fergus ontario.

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sinking into the sand

DSC_0469this about sums it up for me.  sinking into the sand.  the ocean lapping at me from feet to face.  and back again.  the sun kissing my skin.  feeling the beauty of me.   no different than the sand.  no better than the water.  just as lovely.  and powerful too.

you can read more at my retreat blog.  and see more photos!

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ohhhhhhhh my first liebster!

sweet Yanic from family, faith, food and faith has nominated me for a liebster.  i don’t even know what that means. but thank you Yanic!  this is another fun way to connect to folks in the blog world. the other is my more random blog game. (blog game) i have never done this liebster thing before!

ok…here are the rules (i cut and pasted from Yanic):

  • Write a post thanking the person that nominated you.
  • Answer the 11 questions this person gives you.
  • Write down 11 random facts about yourself.
  • Nominate 11 new blogs (with less than 1000 followers) you think deserve the attention. This is meant as a way for them to get known and hopefully get new readers!
  • Inform the blogger you’ve nominated them.
  • Give them 11 questions to answer.

Here are my answers to Yanic’s questions:

  1. What is your favorite thing about your favorite season? I love wearing a bikini and resting on the dock at my parents cottage with a good book.
  2. What is your favorite ingredient to cook with?  Oh this is hard… Only one?  Ok.  Chocolate.
  3. Besides your family and pets, what would be the one thing you would grab running out of your house if it was on fire?  Photographs and my computer (which has most of my photographs.)
  4. If you could take up any hobby/sport, what would it be?  Horse back riding:  western style!
  5. What song could you always listen to without fear of getting fed up with?  right now it’s this.  hello you beautiful thing by Jason Mraz.  i have a little crush on him.
  6. What was/is your favorite subject in school?  English.
  7. What other languages (besides English) do you speak?  French and Spanish.
  8. What does “heaven” mean to you?  That is very complicated!  But if I remove all the complicated bits it means peace.
  9. Beach or Mountains? (and why) Beach.  I grew up on Georgian Bay near very beautiful beaches and hanging out on the beach brings me so much childlike joy!
  10. Tea or Coffee? Tea.  Cedar tea.  or Chaga tea.  or Lavendar Catnip.  Mint.  from the forest or the garden.
  11. What is your biggest regret?  i know this must seem crazy.  but i don’t have one.

11 random facts about me

  1. i like walk bare feet and don’t mind that my feet are often “dirty”.
  2. i love being alone, but feel incredible sad and lost when my children leave.
  3. i want to write a novel.  (am writing a novel).
  4. did i mention jason mraz.  i almost sent him the most beautiful oils from living libations, but chickened out.  i think it’s healthy to have crushes on super stars.
  5. i eat wild things.
  6. raspberries are my favorite berry.
  7. being kind is super important to me.
  8. i really really really really dislike door to door energy sales people.  and it’s hard for me to slam the door in their face because being kind is important to me.  i’m learning.
  9. i love reading stories to my kids in bed.
  10. i don’t like pokey objects remotely close to my face.  (i call it an eye phobia)
  11. i am 40 and still boy crazy.

My nominees :

Myriam’s sweet chaotic silence

Karlotta’s Love 2 Type

Crazy Bag Lady’s Bulan

Yessie’s  It’s my life, my story & my thought

Kari’s Cooking with Toddlers

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Katie’s Pig-like angel

Mike’s Fifty Conversations

Shannon’s poet in the playground

Here are my questions for you :

  1. Why do you write?
  2. What was the last super awesome book you read?
  3. What is your favorite vegetable?
  4. What is the kindest thing someone has done for you?
  5. What makes you sad?
  6. Where would you most like to travel?
  7. Do you consider yourself introverted or extroverted?
  8. If you had three wishes…..
  9. Your favorite song right now?
  10. Something important your mama taught you.
  11. Someone who inspires you and why.

there is no pressure to play along!  but if you feel like it please do.  check out the other blogs i posted.  that is what this is really about for me.  community blog building.  and sharing out words.

big big love



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deep in water

P1000494it takes me a long time to dive into water.  or jump in.  or even walk in really.  especially in georgian baie. (and i’m talking the warm side of georgian baie.)  ask my children.  it drives them nuts!  i don’t know if i’ve always been this way.  i can’t remember.  but i do love water.  and i love swimming.   it just takes me a long long time to leave earth for water.  or maybe it’s more that it takes me a long time to sacrifice dry for wet!

i stand looking, feeling the sun against my skin, and hesitate.  i love the feeling of sun on my skin.  i have no problem resting quietly, for hours if anyone would let me, with the sun licking at me.  it doesn’t take me long to flick my towel out and lay down on the dock.  but do i really want to get wet?  really wet?  now?


when i finally dive.  or jump.  it’s heaven!  and i ask myself what took me so long?  the water near honey harbour is so silky.  so so soft.  and my mom’s pool is pretty awesome too.  i guess it is just the way it is with me sometimes.  it takes me a long long to leave.  it takes me a long long to change.

P1000423but in the end.  i usually jump.

and i’m happy for it!  look at those blissed out eyes!


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garden love


this is such an incredible time of year for me.  the days are full of warmth and light.  i can walk bare feet.  and my garden offers up delicious bounty.  right now the raspberries are ripening.  and this morning i ate a big bowl for breakfast.  i added fun furry blue borage flowers.  such a great combination!  and so much fun to eat blue.  (and i don’t mean dyed crap.)

i am also juicing up so much wonder from my yard.  wild and cultivated greens go into my morning juice these days.  nettle, plantain, wood sorrel, lambs’ quarters, orach, dandelion, parsley, cilantro, dill, lettuces, kale, sun flower sprouts, cukes and celery.  isn’t that a great list.? what powerful medicine!  you can find many of these greens just growing in the cracks.  leave room for them!  they’ll happily grow in your lawn.


what fun awesomeness is growing in your garden these days?   what do you enjoy foraging?  the girls and i enjoy walking to the mulberry tree not far from our house.  so many people in the neighbourhood come and gather berries.  but there are seems to be enough handfuls for everyone.

happy summer feet to all of you near and far!  may your heart be full of colourful edible flowers!

love chantalle


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a little blog game i play sometimes…

sometimes i play this game.  a blog game.   it is the “random” way i find you.  it has been my way of stepping a little bit into this blog world.   maybe you play this game too?

it’s wild.  some of you have soooooooooooooooooooo many likes after your posts.  this used to make me jealous.  to be honest i started playing this game so more people would like my posts.  and it has started happening.  a bit.  there are a few people pushing the like button.

i thought i would play this game here.  so you could play along.  i start with one blog.  i read some posts.  and then i find the little pictures of the folks who have liked a particular post.  and i choose one at random.  sometimes the person has a blog.  sometimes they don’t.  if they have a blog i read some of their posts.  and again find the folks who liked it.  and choose a random picture.  if the person doesn’t have a blog.  i go back and find someone who does.  i do this until i get tired.  along the way i like posts.  adding my photo to the line.

so here goes.  i’m starting with someone who has liked my blog recently.

the chocolate brownies look awesome.  awesome!  from bridgitte’s blog i find:

i am still checking out chocolate.  this time chocolate cake!  and then i find:

and the first thing i see is a raw chocolate recipe.  this is crazy.  totally “random”.  the photos are gorgeous.  and then i find:

let’s see if he has anything about chocolate?  there must be.  but the first post i see is about farmer’s markets.  and the photos are beyond incredible.  i am really having fun now.  on to the next blog.  who else liked this?  jackie sowrey.  but i don’t see their blog.  so back i go to:

i love chocolate and farmer’s markets (i just recently stopped having a booth at one here in guelph) and i love horses.  and what do i find on this blog.  horses.  too bad my girls are away.  they would love looking at these photos!  the girls and i are a bit obsessed with horses these days.  they take lessons.  and i’m looking for someone to teach my western riding in exchange for private yoga classes.  i will read them about the wild mustangs in nevada when they return tomorrow.  from here i find humanity777 but i don’t see a blog link.  so i go back…

i cannot read this language.  i’m not sure what language it is.  something about natural medicine.  can anyone translate for me?  from here i find:

woah.  super sensual photos of flowers.  just stunning.  and then i’ll do one or two more….sometimes i find it hard to stop!

i can read a little spanish.  so this is fun.  and a challenge!

i wonder how to let people know i link to their blog?  any ideas?

i hope you enjoyed my game.  i hope it brings you some delight!

much love from guelph, ontario, canada!



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