my girls have been enjoying some of my raw food again lately.  i have been making almond butter chocolate balls and peanut butter chocolate balls.  ivy and ezra both loved the peanut butter ones.  but they can’t take any nuts to school so i thought i would try sunflower seed butter.  here is my recipe.


yummy nut/seed butter balls

1 500ml jar of nut or seed butter

1 cup of raw cacao powder

1 cup of maple syrup (yep! but you can use less if you want)

2 tsp of super awesome cinnamom

tiny pinch of salt

stir.  roll into balls.  (which i find super satisfying) roll in hemp seeds and or coconut flakes.  eat!  i like to freeze some too.


the girls prefer the peanut butter balls by far. like they WON’T be eating these ones.  so it seems i will be eating all the sunflower seed balls myself.  unless you come over and help me eat some.  and then there will be room in the freezer for more peanut butter balls (which i guess i should have made in the first place!)  screw the school lunches!

a little something raw

upon request i am sharing the beloved tortilla recipe.  i make these regularly.  they are my bread.  i enjoy them with peanut butter and honey.  i wrap them around salad.  cover them with pesto.  stuff them with sprouts.  i enjoy sitting on my steps in the sun and having a huge salad with tortillas. (even in the winter!)  you can try to picture me with my green pooffie coat, half-way laced up mukluks, and my red hat, eating a tortilla.

these tortillas are very simple to make.  you can play and tweak the recipe to your own liking.  mark, the father of my children, played around and perfected this one.  i have been enjoying them ever since.

raw sun seed tortillas

2 cups sunflower seeds                                                                                                                      1 bag frozen organic corn (no gmo!)                                                                                                 2 cups ground flax (or chia) seed                                                                                                  two pinches of hing                                                                                                                             1 tsp cumin                                                                                                                                          1 tsp paprika                                                                                                                                        1 or so Tablespoons of sea salt                                                                                                          3 cups of water                                                                                                                                  blend in high-powered blender until smooth                                                                         spread onto teflex sheets…usually 3                                                                                          dehydrate overnight                                                                                                                        flip (remove teflex sheets)                                                                                                            and dehydrate until still malleable but not gooey.                                                                           enjoy!

i love sharing food.  giving food away.  bartering food for childcare.  eating food with other people.  eating food outside.  i often think of a quote by the Buddha and it goes something like this… if you knew what i knew you wouldn’t go a meal without sharing.  i don’t yet know what he knows.  yet i still try to share as much as i can.