deep in water

P1000494it takes me a long time to dive into water.  or jump in.  or even walk in really.  especially in georgian baie. (and i’m talking the warm side of georgian baie.)  ask my children.  it drives them nuts!  i don’t know if i’ve always been this way.  i can’t remember.  but i do love water.  and i love swimming.   it just takes me a long long time to leave earth for water.  or maybe it’s more that it takes me a long time to sacrifice dry for wet!

i stand looking, feeling the sun against my skin, and hesitate.  i love the feeling of sun on my skin.  i have no problem resting quietly, for hours if anyone would let me, with the sun licking at me.  it doesn’t take me long to flick my towel out and lay down on the dock.  but do i really want to get wet?  really wet?  now?


when i finally dive.  or jump.  it’s heaven!  and i ask myself what took me so long?  the water near honey harbour is so silky.  so so soft.  and my mom’s pool is pretty awesome too.  i guess it is just the way it is with me sometimes.  it takes me a long long to leave.  it takes me a long long to change.

P1000423but in the end.  i usually jump.

and i’m happy for it!  look at those blissed out eyes!