spring offerings

i am enjoying the clouds.  and the thick blanket of warm air.  i am enjoying the sprouting things.  lettuce.  sun flowers.  dandelions.  sweet peas.  and the flowering ones.  clematis.  poppies.  phlox.  raspberries. and the sound of children playing in the next room.  i am even fond of my dirty toe nails this morning.  knowing it means i have been walking around this yard barefoot.  planting.  weeding.  watering.

the bees are delighted by the berry flowers.  buzzing and buzzing.  different kinds of bees it seems.  i enjoy watching all their movement.  the bees and the birds and the squirrels.  the butterflies and moths.  the flies.  the ants.  i am usually moving around too.  and although moving about is often fun i especially enjoy sitting still on the back deck watching the movement.

all three mcgee girls:  ivy and ezra and myself have celebrated our birthdays this spring.  we have eaten cake.  raw and cooked.  we have painted our faces.  and walked forests and slack lines.  we have opened presents.  and enjoyed being the receivers of warm sprouting wishes.

this morning i ate one of the best presents of all.  made by the flowers.  collected by the bees.  harvested by the bee keepers.  fresh frozen bee pollen.  it is wildly delicious.  melt in my mouth incredible.  the colour alone had me gasping.  i have a very large 40 pound bag of it in my freezer.  and i’m beginning to bag it up to sell.  pollen is considered one of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet.

this pollen has been collected in ontario and frozen right away instead of drying.  because of this the taste is even more superb.  and so is the nutrient content.  i am overjoyed to be eating this.  ever so grateful for all the movement:  the wind, the flowers, the bees, and the people that make this food possible.  and i am happy to share with you if you would like to eat some too.  here is a link if you want to read about a nutrient profile on pollen.  or you can go and search some other links.


may you enjoy all the sprouting and the flowering and the yummy nectar in between.


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